Salida Confidental: what you don't know about the people you do know

I’ve been working on a new You Tube channel named Salida Confidential.

It’s raw police body cam video of our leading citizens getting in trouble with the law. I have a lot of raw body cam video and I’m putting up more every day.

There’s also several Salida Confidential Stories, short videos that explain the background and context our leading citizen’s brushes with the law. It’s for those people who don’t want to spend an hours looking at raw footage, but want to see our leading citizens in action.

A little something for everyone.

If you know of a Salida leading citizen that has had a brush with the law and you would like to see the body cam, post a comment here.

This is a pathetic effort to shame your neighbors. You must have a very sad life that you dedicate so much time to such a petty hobby.

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Only people that put themselves in the public eye are featured on Salida Confidential.

My neighbors thank me for the work I do. I live a very happy life providing my neighbors with news that the local papers won’t cover.

My hobby is DIY Independent Media. James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, and Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host, have embraced independent media. Now, Chaffee County residents can do the same.

Here are some of the stories we covered:

Salidan Eric Coomer , former VP of Dominion Voting Systems, is suing the former President Donald Trump’s campaign and a variety of others. Eric is a national news figure. Yet when he had a couple of run-ins with local law enforcement, there was zero local news coverage. We posted the police bodycam video.

Salida City Attorney Nina Williams was arrested for DUI last year, with Salida City Administrator Drew Nelson as a passenger. We posted bodycam footage showing Drew Nelson attempting to influence one of the officers who was in his employ for a more favorable outcome. No official investigation was ever mounted.

Salida High School Principal Talmage Trujillo was arrested after the high school lockdown. We obtained police reports and bodycam footage showing former Full Circle Restorative Justice Executive Director Kimberly Parker placing an underage teen alone into a hotel for three days. This was never reported in the papers.

The nonprofit group BETCH advocates for affordable housing in Chaffee County. BETCH Executive Director Cory Salty Riggs was named the 2022 Chaffee County volunteer of the year. She receives public money and wants more. Cory Salty Riggs was arrested for DUI and domestic violence in separate incidents. Watch for yourself.

Recently, Salida saw a 300-person counter-protest to a planned Rosary Rally at the Salida Library. The counter-protesters said they were pro-library and against banning books. They did not mention the obscene images in the books in the children’s section of the library. See the book images the library insists are suitable for children.

P.S. BuenaVistaPatriot, By name calling, you are not adding anything to the conversation.

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You are sharing a small portion of the story in a sad attempt to elicit the response you are looking for. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Your one sided narrative and rush to judgment is all to common these days. I hope someone is there with a camera if you or a member of your family has an incident with the police.


I strive to present information in a fair and balanced manner, but I understand your concern. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a fundamental principle of justice, and four out of five of these cases have been adjudicated. I aim to provide objective insights and encourage open dialogue. If you have any specific concerns or questions about a particular topic, I’ll be glad to address them.

1.) Eric Coomer plead guilty to reckless driving, got a “big points” ticket, and was given a $250 fine.

2.) Nina Williams plead guilty to DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). She was given a one year deferred judgement. Nothing was mentioned about her refusal to take the test. The 0.105 was used as her Colorado Express Consent testing BrAC. She kept her drivers license and her job.

3.) Talmage Trujillo plead guilty to the felony charge of tampering with physical evidence. For this crime he was sentenced to 1 year supervised probation and 80 hours community service.

4.) Kimberly Parker was never charged, but left Full Circle Restorative Justice.

5.) Cory Riggs was convicted of driving while ability impaired and given one year probation and a deferred sentence. Her probation was revoked and reinstated after she violated her probation. She’s been given another year of probation. The DWAI will remain on her permanent record.

The Salida police wear body cameras and record all police incidents.

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I am curious to know more about how BETCH is funded. Interesting to know about Corey Riggs.

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A 9-9-22 MM article about the Safe Outdoor Spaces project says…

In listing its finances, BETCH received $27,405 from the city and $25,000 in other government grants and contracts, for a total contributed income of $52,405.

It spent $319 in advertising and marketing and $208 in community outreach. The group also paid $1,150 in liability insurance, $13,100.19 in wages, for a total of $14,777.19 in total expenses, leaving $37,627.81 from the original money from the city and other grants.

@Salty_Riggs recently joined this forum. Maybe she can tell us more.

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Thanks for information. I was always wondering what the wages were for, since the Safe Outdoor Space area was a flop? Maybe she will answer.

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