2023 Chaffee County Election Integrity Survey

HICCUP recently conducted an external survey among Chaffee County’s Republican registered voters asking their opinions and attitudes on election integrity within Chaffee County. HICCUP emailed a Google form survey to 409 Chaffee County Republican voters with 60 of those voters responding. Statistical insights into the survey are provided in the following post.


  • Our political landscape is an absolute joke. The whole nation is running on momentum and our demise is incoming.

  • Boss Tweed 2.0 seems to be the order of the day. How very sad, indeed.

  • need to go back to voter ID voting and in person to ever make sure it is secure

  • I think that voter identification requirements have become a necessity.

  • Until Dominion is no longer used and mail in ballots/absentee voting is addressed I can not confidently say I believe the elections are secure

  • What happened to “vote in private, count in public”?

  • Computers that can be hacked and votes manipulated by computers or people lacking integrity are my biggest concerns. I have watched training videos from Dominion representatives instructing

  • people on how to change a persons vote or a group of votes. I have zero trust in Dominion voting machines.

  • I am not concerned.

  • Because Colorado uses mail-in voting I will never trust the system.

  • Not at this time

  • Mail-in voting is not secure. Easy to cheat. Ballot harvesting.

  • Why don’t they require a federal ID

  • Should have to submit photo ID to vote except in extreme cases where absentee ballots can be provided

  • The situation is made opaque by the Colorado laws that do not allow citizens the ability to question the processes.

  • My answers are based on the fact that the County officers could not or would not provide the actual tapes/transcripts of past elections AT A REASONABLE PRICE , making it financially very difficult. Past election ‘tapes’ were not available. This Democratic run election process mimics the position of the national Democrat establishment, Not trustworthy.

  • County Officials lie about elections, and face no repercussions.

  • How about having local sheriffs become part of those who watch the ballots?

  • I have no idea what protection there is against cyber threats. The fact that no in person identification is required to vote makes me believe that anyone can vote. Plenty of room for fraud.

  • I received 2 ballots last year

  • Yes, as one of the few active Precinct Leaders in Salida, as I called to turn out the vote - I found a 25% error rate on the Precinct printout. I reported it to the Chaffe R committee meeting in January 2023?. I also asked the new Chair of the R in Sept acclamation meeting - where he stood on this and his answer is that we will not win running on this.Then he kind’a blew past the issue and me.

  • The “Gold Standard of elections” claim for Colorado are as ridiculous as when a used car salesman claims “Gold Standard” status. Two of my underage family members Niece and Nephew (15 and 16 years old) both received ballots in 2020.

  • Those in charge are very good at making you think things are transparent. I depends on which side of the voting polls you are on whether or not they want to comply with your inquiries. The less transparent they are the more guilty they look. If they had such “Gold Standards” they would be rolling out the red carpet to folks like me to show them we are wrong. We just get crickets…

  • Do not trust the security of the voting machine in the least time for the people to take control back.

  • For the Past Years And Now I have Lost Trust with Lori Mitchell’s and Her Election Process.She won’t tell the Truth on what has been Happening.

  • Sadly, I think elections have become somewhat of a joke and not much more than a formality to make people feel like they’re taking part in decisions that have already been made by the ruling class. I will continue to cast my vote, but I really don’t think it matters. I’m also not confident at all that only eligible voters are voting, or that multiple/extra ballots aren’t being produced and used.

  • Though stating she supported the election watcher process and portraying herself and the process as open and transparent, Lori Mitchell made up and published her own rules regarding election watchers in 2022 that contradicted state law and would have reduced the ability of watchers to be present. She was forced to follow the law in this instance. She protects the identity of election judges but published the names of election watchers. Attempt to intimidate?

  • We need term limits on the County Clerk

  • The problem is endemic across country and getting rid of any machines would be best start

  • My son, who has been a registered voter in another state for 3 years now, still continues to get his CO ballots at my house, despite not having voted in CO for the past 3 years. Lori Mitchell doesn’t do her job by cleaning up voter registration.

  • I believe the majority of elections have been not valid due to the lack of transparency amongst elected officials.

HICCUP emailed a Google form survey to 409 Chaffee County Republican voters with 60 of those voters responding. With that information we can provide some basic statistical insights into the opinions and attitudes of the respondents.

1. Population size = 409 Chaffee County Republican voters.

2. Response Rate = 14.6% (Response rates of around 10% are typical for unsolicited email surveys.)

3. Margin of Error = 12% at a level of confidence is 95% given the population size of 409 and the 60 respondents.

Interpreting the margin of error:

Weighting factors:
The question responses were designed to range from negative to positive. Assigning weighting factors to the responses gives:

 -2        -1         0          1          2
  Negative            Neutral               Positive

A margin of error of 12% corresponds to range of +/-0.5 within these weights at a level of confidence of 95%.

Taking the first question regarding election integrity, the responses were:

55.0%      18.3%       18.3%       7.0%         1.7%
Negative               Neutral                  Positive

Using the weighting factors given above, the average of these responses are -1.2. With a margin of error of 12%, the range within which this survey result is likely to fall in is between -0.7 to -1.7 with a 95% level of confidence.

4. Representativeness: Considering the demographic characteristics and relevant attributes of the survey population, HICCUP believes the respondents are a diverse and unbiased reflection of the population.

5. Generalizability: The survey results provides insights into the opinions and attitudes of the respondents but may, or may not be directly generalizable to the population of 409 voters to which the surveys were sent. However, given the margin of error and the negativity of the responses, HICCUP believes that the opinion and attitude of the population to be negative.

Bob and I both did not receive this survey and we are both registered Republicans. Wonder how many other Chaffee County Republicans did not receive the survey?

Sorry you didn’t get to participate. I sent the survey to the 409 Republicans. I had the email addresses for those 409.

In Chaffee County, Republicans comprise approximately 4,200 voters. About 2,400 unaffiliated vote Republican.

There’s a total of over 15,000 voters in Chaffee County.