2024 Presidential Primary Election

Presidential primary candidates have dropped out of the race, but their names still appear on the ballots. If you vote for a candidate that has dropped out, your vote won’t count.

As of 2-18-24, these are the candidates still in the race.

Republicans still in the race:
Nikki Hailey
Ryan L Binkley
Donald J Trump
Write-ins: Rachel Hannah “Mohawk” Swift and Walter Iwachiw

A vote for Noncommitted delegate in the Democratic primary is equivalent to a vote for None of the above.

Democrats still in the race:
Jason Michael Palmer
Gabriel Cornejo
Frankie Lozada
Stephen P Lyons
Joseph R Biden Jr
Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato
Noncommitted delegate

Thanks for this. We’ll keep monitoring who drops out.

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