Chaffee County Comprehensive plan and new Land Use Code

It’s been a year since Chaffee County passed the new Comprehensive plan for development. The Comprehensive plan included a plan for sustainability. However the Land Use Code has not been updated and, as a result, Chaffee County is still operating under the old Land Use Code.

The County has hired the firm Logan Simpson to write the new LUC. However the work has not started and there is no indication how long this will take.

Here’s a letter to the editor in the 1-18-22 Mountain Mail expressing frustration over the slow progress.

In the mean time, while still under the old rules, the County Commissioners are pushing to get new development applications through the County Planning process as quickly as possible.

If we stay on the same path, is this our future?


New Land Use code by late 2023?

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2-11-22 Mountain Mail

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