CO State Board of Ed proposes new standards for Social Studies. Very scary. Must read

Should Colorado first-graders be trained to stereotype how “African American, Latino, Asian American, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ, and religious minority cultures (are) different…”? Should sixth-graders be coached to think that their racial identity determines if they’re a “contributing citizen” in America?

Here’s how the new Salida High School social studies teacher views his relationship with the students. The opinions of the parents and administration don’t matter.

"I view teaching as being the equivalent to an attorney-client relationship. The students, not their parents, school administration, or anyone else, are my clients. They are the ones I am working to serve,and they are the ones whose input and cooperation drives the success of the endeavor.”

Anderson Horne is also the name of the Chairman of the Chaffee County Planning Commission.

Same guy?

Yes, the same guy is the Chairman of the Planning Commission.

In a recent Planning Commission meeting he was quoted as saying (according to a Mountain Mail letter to the editor) “Anderson Horne stated several times that the landowner has a right to develop, and is not held accountable for the burden of the community.”

I guess he doesn’t care about parents, the administration, or the community.

So, who represents the taxpayer in the process? I thought the County Planning Commission was our representative. It sounds like Anderson Horne feels it is his job to facilitate whatever project comes in front of him, regardless of the circumstances.

When did the Liberal Left start shilling for Building Developers?

Colorado house republicans respond to new social study standards in press release.

The new standards include:

Read the entire release here: