Colorado GOP Election Integrity Operations (EIO) on election judges and watchers

Comments from GOP EIO chair Emily Brake…

To anyone thinking… ah, but can election judges and watchers really make any difference?

Let me tell you this. Right now, the left is MOBILIZING. After the federal voting rights act failed this week, there is a robust flurry of efforts sparking up by Democrat groups to become election judges, election administrators, watchers, PCPs (precinct committee person), and resourcing county party chairs on their role in elections in mid-term years.

What are they on to?

Same thing we are.

Only now, we are ahead of where we usually are in a mid-term election year. We built out our framework last year and they are only getting started.

I still don’t understand why the Democrats want to change election law.

Why bother? In Chaffee County they did not bother to follow the existing laws!

Why won’t they just try and do that again?

Always read the fine print:



There is a fourth: