Eric Coomer- police bodycam video!

Salida resident Eric Coomer (of Dominion fame) plead guilty to reckless driving in court last Tuesday. It’s a “big points” ticket and he was given a $250 fine.

The story told by Attorney Chip Cutler was that Eric was distracted by his phone. He stepped on the gas instead of the brake and ran into a building at Sackett and G street.

After the accident, Eric fled the scene and went to his business the Fritz. He was found there by Salida policeman, Lance Cliff, having a drink with an employee. The DA said there was suspicion that Eric had been drinking while driving, but there was no proof.

Although Eric’s insurance has been contacted and is willing to pay to repair the building, the absentee building owner has not yet been reached.

Isn’t this the same Eric Coomer who was the Vice President of Security and Strategy at Dominion Voting Systems, which provides the voting equipment in Chaffee County and most of Colorado? Didn’t he deny posting on his Facebook a hateful diatribe against President Trump, as well as the Antifa Manifesto? “Additionally, any posts on social media channels purporting to be from me have also been fabricated.” I work for Dominion Voting Systems. I did not commit voter fraud.

Didn’t this turn out to be a lie? While giving a deposition under oath in his lawsuit against former president Trump, didn’t he finally acknowledge that he made these posts?
EXCLUSIVE: Coomer Deposition Released! Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, Extreme Left Bias

Didn’t these Eric Coomer Facebook posts include:

“If you are planning to vote for that autocratic, narcissistic fascist asshat blowhard and his Christian jihadist VP pic, UNFRIEND ME NOW!”

“Only an absolute F—-ING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag, f—tard FASCIST RACIST F—! No bull—-, I don’t give a damn if you’re a friend, family or random acquaintance, pull the level, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker… UNFRIEND ME NOW.”

Salida resident Eric Coomer was in charge of Election Security for Dominion, which placed 33% of all the election equipment in the United States. Are we supposed to believe that despite his abject hatred and his lies in the Denver Post, that Donald Trump got a fair shake from Dominion Voting?

In a New York Times interview, didn’t Eric Coomer admit to having at least two previous DUIs, for which he did prison time? Didn’t he also acknowledge back in the day being a heroin addict?
And a skinhead?

*(Editors note: If the Times article doesn’t display, you can download the article by clicking on this link and download the file.

Who thought: you know, someone with this many personal liabilities is the perfect person to entrust with our elections? Dominion Voting, that’s who!

Read more from patriot Ashe in America:

Eric had two previous DUIs. He probably heard of the urban legend of how to get out of a DUI.

He fled the scene, ran to his bar, and started drinking. Who’s to say he was driving drunk, or got drunk at the bar.

I took pictures of the damage Coomer did to the building at Sackett and G street.

Wow, looks like he ran right through the glass windows. Good thing no one was hurt.

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Coomer has a lot of different looks…


Here’s a recent picture.

Breaking News!

Data from the 9/21/21 Eric Coomer car accident investigation in downtown Salida was obtained via information request from the Chaffee County Sheriff/Salida Police records department. Obtained were two written reports, 25 still photos, and two hours 24 minutes of Salida Police Bodycam footage.

The following 6 links show approximately 15 minutes
of the Police Bodycam Footage, edited for brevity:

1. Surveying the building damage caused by Eric Coomer running into a building.

2. Eric Coomer says nothing happened on my way to work

3.Eric Coomer denies involvement a second time.

4.Eric Coomer is arrested after denying the accident for a third time

5.The Police explain the situation to Eric Coomer's lawyer

6.Eric Coomer confesses

Police Still photos of Sackett Ave accident scene:

Picture of truck leaving the scene, taken by witness

Witnesses watched truck drive three blocks and park

Note damage and debris

Wow. Yeah … just … wow.


I up-loaded the police traffic report up on Mediafire, a file server website. You have to download the file and/or open it with Adobe acrobat.


Here is the 52-page lawsuit filed by Eric Coomer in December, 2020.

“Plaintiff Eric Coomer, Ph.D. (Dr. Coomer), by and through undersigned counsel, brings this action against Defendants Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., Sidney Powell, Sidney Powell, P.C., Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph Oltmann, FEC United, Shuffling Madness Media, Inc. dba Conservative Daily, James Hoft, TGP Communications LLC dba The Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin, Eric Metaxas, Chanel Rion, Herring Networks, Inc. dbaOne America News Network, and Newsmax Media, Inc. (collectively, Defendants herein) in response to relentless defamation and ongoing threats”

Ashe in America comments on Coomer’s near arrest.

Give it a chance!

This post starts as an anti-police rant borne of frustration but devolves into a thoughtful and entertaining review of Coomer World!

Body Cam Footage of Eric Coomer After Getting Beat Up By Former Employees in Salida Colorado - YouTube

Just released, bodycam footage from June 6, 2021.

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So let’s see if I got this right.

Elijah was fired from the Fritz. Elijah says it was Coomer that fired him. Coomer says it was the previous owner of the Fritz.

An altercation takes place at 2am. Coomer’s riding his bike home and Elijah and Jacob are in a car. Elijah and Jacob alleged had been drinking. Not clear who confronted who first, but the car was stopped and words were exchanged.

Coomer rides his bike to the nearby County jail, stops a police/sheriff officer who is escorting someone into the jail, and makes a complaint.

Salida Police Apologize To Eric Coomer For Arresting Him - YouTube