Hanks v Griswold case hearing: Friday March 11th

Friday’s Hearing Info on the Hanks v Griswold case

Public Hearing, Motion to dismiss Hanks et al vs. Griswold.
Friday March 11 1:30 PM.
City and County Building 1437 Bannock, Courtroom 280.

There is room for approximately sixty spectators in the courtroom.
Please plan to be in the courtroom at 1:20 p.m.

For those unable to attend in person, below are the webex link and meeting code.

Meeting Code: 925 495 517

We had about 10 people in support in the court room. There were 4 liberals snickering behind us…

It was a good day I would say. Very interesting as I’ve not sat in on a hearing, other than traffic court stupid stuff.

The judge has a jury trial for the next 5 days then will make his decision. It went well. Both sides took a knock, but I think we came out on top. The Judge seems really interested in the case