Here's a look at some of the Chaffee County 2022 election results

Assuming that the people who voted for Bennet were DEMs and those that voted for O’Dea were REPs. (See graphic below. Click on image to enlarge.)

1.) Ballot issue 6A. You can see that the DEMs (those that voted for Bennet) were evenly split on 6A (2,901 for and 2,966 against) while the REPs (O’Dea) were soundly against. The measure to failed.

2.) County Commissioner race. The REPs voted heavily for Becker and the DEMs voted heavily for Wood. Kuhn took votes equally from the DEMs and REPs.

3.) Salida ballot question 2D. Like 6A, the DEMs were split on the issue and REPs against. The measure failed.

4.) Mitchell vs Allemang race. Mitchell was totally supported by the DEMs and also received significant support from the REPs!?!?

How do the UAFs lean in the County? Well, 3,361 DEMs , 3,444 REPs and 5,107 UAFs voted in the 2022 election.

Assuming all the DEMs voted DEM and REPs voted REP, then 64% (3,246) of the UAF voted DEM (for Bennet) and only 28% (1410) of the UAF voted REP (for O’Dea).

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Interesting analysis!

If you can split the DEMs on an issue, the REPs can carry it in for a win.

I’m suprised that Mitchell carried so many REPs. She been having trouble with that 2020 election video.

I’m surprised that 2/3’s of the UAF voted with the dems.

Does not compute! I don’t know how this could happen; Just looking at the Bennet 6607, and O’Dea 4854 totaling 11,461; This isn’t right??? not 10,718 did 743 Ballots just mysteriously show up? and comparison with Mitchell vs Alemang, and the Kuhn/Becker vs Wood. What am I seeing here. As for 6A & 2D I found most people I talked to had no idea what the were voting for or against, but voted like the rest of their party. Like I said does not Compute.

Sorry, the column headers are misleading. Could have been clearer.

The 10,718 is the sum of all votes either for or against 6A (3,315+7403). Like you point out, it’s not the sum of total votes for Bennet or O’Day. There were 11,461 votes for either Bennet or O’Day, 340 votes for the other candiates, and 146 under votes.

The DEM vote on 6A was split. The REPs voted like the rest of their party, 4,096 against 6A.

The chart shows that, for 6A, 2,901 people of the people that voted for Bennet also voted for 6A. There were 2,966 people that voted for Bennet, but voted against 6A. So, the DEM vote on 6A was split. The REPs voted like the rest of their party, 4,096 against 6A.

Maybe the chart below is clearer. It shows every vote.

If people had voted strict party lines (or their leanings) on 6A & 2D, those initiatives would have passed. There are more people leaning left in this County than right. However, both failed.

Yeah, that’s what I get. 11,527 mail votes, 403 votes in person, and 17 confidential voters = 11,947 total votes.

Here’s further analyses of the 2022 County results using the same methodology.

This analysis includes the Congressional representative, State Senator district 4, State representative district 3, and issues 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B.