Hey, there.......How's about the Resident Of The United States demand a Voter ID Mandate?

Well, first of all…Just when one believes that Joe Biten is the Resident Of The United States, he claims that Klabber Harris is. Very confusing…me thinks there needs to be a Senate investigation or hearing to determine just who is our Resident Of The United States. Secondly, a Voter ID Mandate would certainly cure a lot of ills regarding our elections. I would also suggest a lot of boostering of this mandate.

@Fillybuster In Colorado, voters need to show some form of ID, although what serves as ID is pretty flakey. For example, A valid Medicare or Medicaid card issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

I’m worried about the voter rolls. The Secretary of State refuses to give out the voter list information because they signed a contract with ERIC for confidentiality. They signed a contract that requires them to break the law!?!

And then again, what goes on inside those Dominion machines?


Only in New York City!

Maybe the illegal immigrants will recognize the need to vote for pro-police candidates.