Hospital Board district board election info. (How to cast a ballot)

Here’s the info. Pass it on…

You can go here: HRRMC Board Election | Medical Center in Salida

and fill out an application for an absentee ballot until Tuesday, April 26th.

Or, you can vote in person on May 3rd from 7am to 7pm in BV or Salida. BV vote at County Annex on Lindermann Ave. Salida vote at HRRMC second floor conference room.

Lydia Segal and Bill Alderton are NOT getting my vote.

Dean Edwards is said to be a wonderful man, thoughtful, knowledgeable, honest and steadfast.

I received my absentee ballot yesterday. Ballot number 275.

You can vote for as many as three directors. There’s Carroll, Alderton, Edwards, Segal, and Martinez. I thought Adam Martinez had dropped out?!?!

Susan Dunn is the only Director Candidate running.