Inflation / Shortages in Salida: gas, food, baby formula

There are currently fears across the United States about a looming beer shortage due to a lack of supplies of carbon dioxide, the vital gas that makes the beer fizz.

Breweries are facing a critical nationwide shortage of CO2 due to higher material costs, lingering supply shortages, and the temporary shutdown of a carbon dioxide capture operation at the Jackson Dome in Mississippi.

Small craft breweries are especially vulnerable to the CO2 shortage, due to their smaller operations and shorter supply chains compared to the larger commercially-owned breweries.

Just opened a pack of double stuf Oreos.

Talk about shrinkflation!

Look at the filling.

2 years ago these were regular Oreos!

And there is room for two more Oreos in each row.

Thanks, Joe Biden!

Walmart keeping it real.

Inflation causing higher prices at the local bakery.

“In the Foreign Ministry’s statement, the kingdom confirms that Joe Biden pressured the Saudi royalty to delay cuts in output and lower oil costs for another month until after the midterm election.”

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry Confirms Joe Biden Attempted to Coerce Kingdom to Cut Oil Prices Until After Midterm Election (


Is that what you would call a “fixer downer”

Why is inflation impacting Colorado more than the rest of the US?

Shrinkflation! Our 2022 Thanksgiving turkey.

Fire sale?Fire sale Salisa style.


The value of banknotes in Venezuela…