Inflation / Shortages in Salida: gas, food, baby formula

I bought a new set of tires yesterday and I asked the store manager about the tire shortage. He said that normally the manufacturers ship snow tires to the States in the beginning of October. This year they didn’t arrive until the middle of December. Two and half months late.

He’s still having problems getting truck tires. He has a handful of customers waiting for tires.

He had two suppliers for the tires I bought. His primary supplier did not have the tires, but the secondary did. Lucky me.

$13 for a Big Mac.

What happens to the American economy when Fast Food, a staple of the GDP and probably the only real value industry that America has, suddenly becomes unaffordable to the average pleb.

MSM Warns Against Homemade Baby Formula As Manufacturer Says ‘At Least Two Months’ Delay.

Talked to the clerk at Walmart today. When someone goes through her checkout line complaining about prices and availability, she tells them it is all due to “Let’s go Brandonflation”.

A dozen of eggs jumped 23% in April compared with the month before to $2.52.

Getting back to the Jimmy Carter years, 1977-1981

I’m calling BS on this one. Corporate media always side with corporations when local/personal options are better.

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52% said it was inflation. Some interesting charts in the article.


Apparently there’s a tampon shortage now. Thinking of all the men with uteruses who get their periods during this difficult time.

We’re back to the Jimmy Carter years now!

I did that!