Jim Wilson wins for volunteerism award for jobs he was paid to do

January 28, 2021 Mountain Mail…

That’s nothing. Chaffee County Public Health was named Business of the Year!

But…but…Chaffee County Public Health is not a business!

Why are government entities winning chamber awards intended for businesses?

Look at last year from the 1/26/21 Mountain Mail:

“For the 2020 awards, the chamber and the community honored Andrea Carlstrom, Josh Hadley, Elaine Allemang, Barbara Pearson-Sawyer, Daniel and Roxanne Sachtleben and also The Alliance.”

"Carlstrom, Chaffee County’s Public Health Director, was awarded Woman of the Year for 2020.

According to the chamber, Carlstrom made a significant positive difference throughout the pandemic with her stellar communication, expertise and teamwork in monitoring the health of our community.

“I’m extremely honored and humbled,” Carlstrom said when accepting the award. “I’m so grateful I get to live and serve this amazing community that stands for hope, unity, integrity and collaboration.”

She also said she was indebted to her public health team, the county’s leadership, her husband, her dog and “all of you.”

That’s all great, but why won’t Andrea Carlstrom answer questions about the people who have died or were injured by Covid-19 vaccination?

Andrea can’t discuss the risks of associated with the vaccine because that would promote vaccine hesitancy.

However without a discussion of risk we cannot give an informed consent.

If you promote vaccine hesitancy on social media, you will get banned.

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