Let’s talk about second, third homeowners who move here, then change things?

The man with Double M Trust from TX who decided to throw a fit the day before FIBArk about carnival set up, why didn’t he go to meetings about permits and bring up concerns?
It is understood he has been hard to work with each year.
Go back to TX

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Welcome Facts!

From the Mountain Mail article, it sounds like he did bring up his concerns with FIBArk, but they ignored him. I read somewhere else that he complained last year too.

I don’t know if he would have been liable, I’m not a lawyer.

The urine filled balloons and feces are a little over the top.

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Didn’t hear about all the physical backlash. Will read up, thanks for posting.

The concerns he brought up had been addressed per discussions I had with FIBArk board. This seemed to be a childish who is bigger type of encounter that ended with kids being the end losers.

Heart of Rockies Radio Coverage.

Apparently, the generator was located close to the front door of the Bike Shop at the corner of 1st and F, and the noise was deafening.

Hopefully we will learn the full truth in coming days.

Carnival Gone, Other FIBArk Activities Continue (heartoftherockiesradio.com)


During the day yesterday, as the carnival was setting up, the owner of Sun Valley Rides fielded complaints from at least two business owners in downtown Salida. The complaints ranged from blocking access to a generator operating too close to a front door.

The final straw seemed to come from property owner Morgan Jones. Jones owns a large brick duplex at 133 East Sackett Avenue.

Jones told Heart of the Rockies Radio News that the carnival set up a ride that hung over his property by several feet. Jones, a lawyer himself, said he would be held liable if an accident occurred on that ride and asked the operator to move it back from his property. Jones stated that there was no compromising with the carnival owner and the owner refused to move the ride so it wouldn’t intrude on his property. Jones went on to say that the carnival owner went on a profanity laced rant and told his crew to pack up

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I heard that the duplex owner is a “hot head”. That he gave the food truck people an earful when they moved in next to the Fritz. But, that’s just gossip.

All of us would like to know what happened.

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Here’s the police body cam from the 2023 FIBArk carnival incident. Thanks @PTBSkeptic for the raw footage.

I did all I could to improve the audio, but some of it is pretty bad.

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A public apology from Lindsay Sutton-Stephens, FIBArk board president.