Monthly rations?

Here’s a picture of the monthly ration for one Polish person in the 80’s. Is this where we’re headed?

I see empty shelves at Safeway and Natural Grocers.

My husband went to the auto parts store yesterday, the parts clerk was complaining about parts shortages.

If you drive by the auto dealers on the highway, there are barely any cars on the lot for sale.

37% increase in new car prices after 1 year of Joe Biden!

Luckily, Hunter Biden swung us a sweetheart deal with China for late model rickshaws.

It’s all uphill from here, Kramer!


You must not disenfranchise voters.

But disenfranchising a trucker’s right
to organize a protest on Facebook?

Priceless. :gem:


I miss Gamble’s. They always had one of everything.


Will they draw straws to see which member of Joe Biden’s Cabinet gets the privilege of starving first?