Salida High School Lock Down 9-23-2021 with Talmage Trujillo, David Blackburn, and Kimberly Parker

You guys are probably tired of the Salida High School lock down story, but I just posted three YouTube videos on the topic.

The videos use newly obtained/released body cam video and police reports. They are only about 12 minutes long each.

The videos are interesting because you get to see three (bad) actors in action! In living color!

The three actors are Kimberly Parker, the executive director of Full Circle Restorative Justice, David Blackburn, Salida School Superintendent, and Talmage Trujillo, high school principal.

What a strangle hold Full Circle has on our schools! I didn’t know!

Very troubling! The very people who warned us against the Police all acted like idiots. The cops and firemen were all professional, and actually did their jobs. The first responders had as their primary focus the safety of the High School Students and Employees, as it should be.

No wonder the Powers That Be did not want this footage released. Forget the inexcusable behavior of Talmage Trujillo and Kimberly Parker, Superintendent Blackburn acts like he is hopped up on goofballs! What happens the next time there is a crisis? Does he again fold like a cheap suit? How is anyone supposed to take that guy seriously? How much does he get paid, anyway?

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Student crimes are “swept under the rug,” due to relaxed discipline policies.