Salida High School Principal Talmage Trujillo

I attended the motion hearing yesterday. The judge said that the two sides had reached an agreement and ended the Zoom call. I have no idea what happened.

MM headline misses the point. It should say “Board votes not to renew Trujillo’s contract”.

I attended Trujillo’s pre-trial hearing yesterday. Both trials have been postponed to give the defense time to prepare.

Another pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for August 9th and a second on October 18th.

The first trial will be for the felony on November 17th-23rd. The second trial will be for the misdemeanors on December 21st-22nd.

Trujillo will be traveling out of State and out of the country in the mean time. Judge Bull told him that he’ll need to submit a waiver of extradition.

Trujillo guilty on 2 of the 3 charges. Faces trial on Dec 21 and 22 for allegedly erasing evidence from his phone in front of police.

11/29/22 MM