Salida Rosary Rally at the Salida Regional Library

Wish we had reps here in Colorado that were supportive of children. I spoke with the business Corvus Clothing that called Father Jim and his parishioners “nazi’s” and saying St. Joseph’s needs to (the church has been in Salida since 1909) how their business can support child porn. All she said was she stands by her actions. My opinion is her business needs to go so I’m asking for a local boycott of Corvus Clothing. Please spread the boycott by word of mouth since Salida fb pages won’t let me put that out to boycott her business. The boycott of local business this past summer worked well (sales tax from downtown businesses was down) for disrespecting our veterans. We, as a community, can also boycott businesses who support child porn, including the library.

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Per TaAnna Brown at the Salida Library these books have now been moved to the adult section, thank goodness. Thank you, everyone!

The letters to the editor continue. April 28, 2023

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Hmmmm, notice how she didn’t disclose she works for the Salida Llibrary.

You must mean letter writer TaAnna Brown of the Salida Library??!

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Yes I do mean TaAnna Brown. She is also the one who told me they did in fact move the child porn books to the adult section.

Chelsea Clinton Says Banning Sexually Explicit Books From Schools is “Harmful” to Children | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila


Thank you for sharing the letters from the Mountain Mail in today’s paper. I must say I was pretty disheartened last week from all the attacks and name calling (even a threat that I “had to go”) that I endured on social media last week. It was awful!! Even tho the page was a Salida Discussion page, only one was from Salida (and a school bus driver, at that, eek) and all were very hateful comments against me. I’m glad that the books were moved to the adult section but should pornography, let along child pornography, be in our public library? I lean towards a firm “no”. I’m so glad others agree that this is child porn and should not be in our tax funded local library.

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Chelsea Clinton Gets Fact-Checked for Pushing Porn Cartoon Books on Children | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

When I was in school 50 years ago, my teachers taught me to read, write, do arithmetic, and think.
Now the goal of the Colorado Educational system is to push a fundamental change to our system of government.

But you’ll note they attempted to hide what they were doing.

Do any of you still think the CEA should have unfettered access to the minds of our children, hence the future of our country?

And I thought Teletubbies filled children’s minds with mush.

Colorado teachers union passes resolution declaring capitalism ‘inherently exploits children, public schools’ | Fox News

"A former federal official sent a screenshot of the original version to an outlet called The Lion, which obtained the document first. The Lion “sent the screenshot to Lauren Stephenson, director of communications at the CEA, who belatedly admitted to the original resolution. She sent the Lion the revised form of the resolution that passed the assembly.” The CEA had previously decided not to disclose the resolution, citing “process” and privacy concerns.

The screenshot of the original version was reportedly sent to a federal official by a disgruntled CEA member who walked out in disgust over the passage of the resolution."

These pictures were taken this week in Salida High School Library. Unbelievable!

Do any of these book have sexual drawings or pictures in them? On they on display in the adult section or out in the open? There is a law on the books in Colorado (18-17-102 CRS) about porn being exposed to children.

These pictures were reportedly taken in the Salida High School library this week.

They appear to be out in the open.

Gender Queer has sexual drawings. I don’t know about the others.