The Future of Housing in Colorado

I disagree with some conclusions reached in this article, but it is an interesting discussion of the serious housing issues faced in Colorado.


“The community meetings have served to jump start a discussion about how Steamboat’s hopes and dreams match up with reality. “Everyone wants to live in a single family 5000 square foot mansion next to an ocean with a view of the mountains and is across the street from a school and within walking distance from the bar. That doesn’t exist,” Michael Fitz, a 29-year old local who owns a 600-square foot home in a trailer park, told Steamboat residents gathered to talk about the urban design of Brown Ranch.”

“The city isn’t even sure how it will affordably house all the workers who are going to be flocking to Steamboat to build this affordable housing. One idea is to have construction workers live in an old barn.”

America Needs to End Its Love Affair With Single-Family Homes. One Town Is Discovering It’s a Tough Sell (

Could high real estate prices be due to rampant speculation? Boom!

15% of all renters are behind on rent and are at risk of being evicted.

See clip of Bob Nicolls, principal owner of Monarch Ski resort, talk about squeezing higher rents out of renters because they have no place else to go.

How much money does one person need?

Yep, here come the private equity vultures to crank up your rent.