Where is the long-term safety data for vaxxing young children?

“We are thrilled that 80 percent of Colorado kids and adults over the age of five have received the doctor-approved, safe, and effective vaccine,” said Governor Jared Polis.

The “vaccine” in the jab goes to straight to the bone marrow and the ovaries (not the testes).

Hasidic Jews monitor the menstrual cycle of their women closely because they have strict laws about when in the cycle to propagate. After monitoring the cycles of women that were jabbed, they noted irregularities.

As a result they have declared that no women or children should get the jab. Women because of the ill effect on their reproductive health. Children because it may affect their future reproductive health.

A child under five years old would need three jabs-two is not enough.

Omicron is waning-why wouldn’t a parent wait?

Stop the insanity!

There is no long-term safety data for anyone!


Anyone who injects that crap into a six month old baby is INSANE!

It is fascinating that she referred to a poll stating that those fully vaxxed and boosted are the most afraid, while those with no jab have moved on in life, unafraid.

This particular two+ year attempt to destroy our Freedom has failed!

URGENT: Tell the FDA to Say NO to Pfizer Jabs for Children Under 5 | Stand for Health Freedom


Pfizer and FDA pull back from plan to expedite review of Covid-19 vaccine in young children.

Oh wait, they’re pulling the two shot plan and waiting for the three shot data.