June 2022 Primary: drop box video, counting room video, and ballot box transport logs

On July 22, 2022, I filed a CORA request with Chaffee County for drop box video of the June 2022 primary. Knowing how much the County charges for video file transcription, I only requested 24 hours of video of one drop box from 9pm on June 27th to 9pm on June 28th. Finally, on August 22, 2022, the files were ready.

When I examined what I was given, I found that there were several gaps of missing video. I have not told the County about the missing data.

What is being hidden? Did it take so long to get the video because it had to examined and scrubbed?

6/28: 3:00am to 7:00am. The video files are missing. You can see this time gap in the highlighted file list image below.

6/28: 4:14pm to 5:00pm. This gap is weird. The usually the file name consists of the beginning time stamp of the video. (See image below. Year, month, date, hour, minute, second.) Then, when you watch the video, it too has a timestamp. Someone copied the files from 5pm and changed the names of the copied files to 4:14pm. So if you were looking at just the file names, you would think all the video is there. But if you watch the video, the timestamp on the video says it’s actually 5pm.

6/28: 6:16pm to 7:00pm. The video files are missing.

I watched all the video I was given and did not see any evidence of “mules”.


I requested the surveillance video of the drop box outside the County courthouse. Here’s a picture of the drop box. You can see the camera up on top of the building. There’s also a flood light on the left hand side of the building


Here’s what the drop box surveillance camera sees. I doubt that the voter approaching the drop box can be identified. I certainly cannot read the license plate number on the car.


The video at night is even worse. Here’s video of a voter dropping off a ballot around 11pm on June 27.

The bright light in the middle of the image is the reflection of the floodlight on the drop box. When the car pulls up, it’s headlights completely wash out the surveillance camera.


It took an entire month to fulfill an information request that by law is supposed to take 3 days?

The files were downloaded between 8/8 and 8/10. Why were they not provided until 8/22?

That leaves a lot of time for Chaffee County to review the video and eliminate anything incriminating.

You saw no mules in the video provided. Were there any mules in the missing video? Suspicious.


This Image is useless! Why bother even making it?

The camera should be much closer and have at least a partial side view.

Does this meet the minimum legal requirement under CO election law, or is it just going through the motions?


The video where a car’s headlights blind the camera is priceless. Has the Chaffee County Clerk’s Office ever viewed their own surveillance video, to know whether it has any value? As far as the outdoor ballot box goes, this is either incompetence or willful negligence.

Where is this claim of “gold-standard elections” coming from? I am mystified.


Here we are in the ballot counting room at the County Fairgrounds. You can see the “No Cell Phones” sign on the wall, but the judges are cheerfully looking at their phones.

The election computers have wifi and bluetooth capability and the Clerk or Judges could use their phones to hack them. It’s one more example of the ridiculousness of the election process.

You can watch the video here:

Here are the ballot box transport logs. There are several violations of the Secretary of State’s rules in these logs.

File = 2022 Primary Election Voted Ballot Transport Log.pdf (410.2 KB)

Page 2, 16th entry. The receiving seal signature says the box is “open”. The receiving judge or/and staff would not sign the log as received. The ballots in this box may have been tampered with.

Page 3, 1st entry. Only one judge and/or staff signature applied.

File = 2022 Primary Election Transport Box custody log 1.pdf (971.2 KB)

Page 5, 7th entry. Only one judge and/or staff signature applied.

Page 7, 2nd and 3rd entry. Only one signature, County Clerk Lori Mitchell, was applied. It seems especially suspicious that the Clerk alone is changing seals on a transport box.

Page 10, 6th entry. Only one judge and/or staff signature applied.

These entries are violations of the Secretary of State’s rule 20.11 for the transportation of ballot boxes and ballots.

In the two links below, videos demonstrate two aspects of election fraud called ballot harvesting. In the first, you can see people taking pictures as they deposit stacks of ballots into the box. This would document their actions so they can get paid. In the second, a variety of individuals are seen depositing illegal numbers of ballots. Most chilling are the same postal workers who appear repeatedly. Ask yourself how postal workers could obtain handfuls of ballots.

One lesson: surveillance footage in Detroit was closer, at an angle, and much more informative than Chaffee County ballot box surveillance footage, which is distant and useless.

EXCLUSIVE: Part 1 - Surveillance Videos Show Alleged Ballot Traffickers Take Photos of Their Ballots in Detroit, MI (thegatewaypundit.com)

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